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Our Culture


hSenid lives within a culture that fosters people who embody certain characteristics. The Company culture possess attributes that symbolize uniqueness and provide its people with a philosophy that they live up to, so that it would eventually lead the organization and its people to excel from the rest.

At hSenid we believe that Achievers need to be goal oriented and positive thinking. Most importantly they need to have perseverance and be disciplined. The ‘can do’ attitude is a vital factor in being an achiever and would lead anyone to heights beyond imagination.

We are proud about what we do and that is why it is significant that one has to be Accountable for one’s actions. As team members everyone should take ownership and accept responsibilities.

Innovation should be deeply manifested in every thought and act of people in an organization.

As a professional Company we believe in always going the extra mile to support our customers. Being customer oriented is all about ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

We are most proud of our people who are friendly and warm. Encouraging a team oriented culture translates team spirit, willingness to share knowledge and being helpful.

Our ultimate passion for technology and the company is what that has driven us this far. It is this passion that drives us to attain excellence.

Our people are the stars of hSenid and they radiate the culture of hSenid in bringing the best of Sri Lanka to the world.