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HRM Enterprise:

hSenid HRM Enterprise is a Human Resource Information System providing a comprehensive, effective and efficient way to manage and develop Employees; the most valuable asset in an organization. HRM Enterprise provides a comprehensive set of functionalities to address Human Resource Management needs of any organization. As a web based application with features reflecting the latest developments in HR Management, HRM Enterprise is a perfect platform for aligning your HR processes and achieving higher standards of human capital management.

Impact of HRM Enterprise to the Bottom Line

The cost savings associated with HRM Enterprise reach into many areas of the business. The savings can be defined and measured. It is possible to realize a quick return on your HRIS investment, often in less than fifteen (15) months

HRM Enterprise positively impacts the bottom line through:

  • Integrated HRIS – Gain clarity in complexity. The advantage of an integrated HRIS lies not only in bringing all HR related tasks under one roof, but also in providing meaningful and defined links between these activities.
  • Increased productivity - With extensive reporting and analytical tools at hand, managers can now make their decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information available anytime, anywhere.
  • Direct cost savings - Free yourself of the cost incurred by depleting manual HR work, redundancy and mismatching data.
  • Better compliance - Avoiding fines, penalties, and costly litigations.
  • More strategic opportunities - By streamlining and decentralising HR processes, your HR personnel will be able to spend more time on strategic issues, rather than constantly struggling with operational overload.

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People’s HR:

People's HR is a web based Human Capital Management solution and is specially designed to minimize the client's day-to-day operational workload and make life easier for the HR staff as well as for system administrators. The solution works on a monthly rental basis which is calculated based on the number of users.

The hosted Human Capital Management Solution covering all HR functions at an affordable monthly fee can be accessed through internet.

  • No dedicated staff cost
  • No hardware & maintenance cost
  • No database cost
  • No software cost
  • Faster innovation and regular updates at no additional cost

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For many companies that don't have the time or the resources to manage HR functions, outsourcing these HR functions is a cost effective alternative for recruiting in-house HR staff. hSenid is proud to unveil its latest service offering; HRO which can support SME's to obtain best practices in HR processes, effectively reduce costs, enhance efficiency, empower employees and many more. Depending on the size of your business and how much control you want to maintain over HR functions, hSenid will take up the challenge of providing outsourcing services for your HR department and allow you to outsource your entire HR Department functions at an affordable monthly fee.

Our focus areas include :

  • Payroll Process Outsourcing
  • Performance Management Outsourcing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Time & Attendance Outsourcing
  • Total HR Function Outsourcing

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