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hSenid’s divisions are centers of excellence that focus on extending our delivery competence cost effectively around specific and focused technology areas including open standards and open source technologies. Business Analysis, Design and development of complex systems using Object Oriented Technologies, consultation on high availability and high performance systems and consultation on migration from propriety Technologies to Open Source Technologies are our core strengths. Our domain knowledge lies heavily in Human Resource applications and Mobile and Telco grade applications and services, thus making all related technologies our passion and specialized areas. For example we are truly experts in providing Mobile and Telco Grade Solutions and fully fledged Human Resource Solutions and Consultation for mid to large size companies. Agile development process, Continues integration, Best testing practices both in manual and automated testing, Load and Performance Testing are key factors to deliver Quality products on time and within budgets.




Java technology has become the essential ingredient of the digital experience for hundreds of millions of people in all walks of life, all over the planet. hSenid with its mobile wing, hSenid Mobile Solutions has over a decade of experience in providing mobile solutions based on this most pervasive technology to leading telcos, financial institutes and other enterprises world wide. Experience, exposure and knowledge gained over the years have made us pros in Java and all Java related technologies. Furthermore, our team of specialists constantly and proactively tracks the technology changes to provide effective IT solutions to our valued customers.


J2EE tools and frame works

  • Open source tools, servers and frameworks
  • Apache Tomcat and Jboss servers
  • Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JavaFX Frameworks
  • EJB, JPA, JSF, JMX, JMS technologies


  • Spring Frameworks
  • Tomcat, JBoss
  • Ant Junit
  • JSF Struts, JSP Servlets
  • Hibernate JDBC, JPA, EJB



XML/Web Services

  • Apache Xerces, Xalan, Xpath
  • JDOM
  • Apache Axis



Middleware Integration

Telcos the world over use a multitude of solutions to provide competitive value added services to their subscribers and almost all are built upon heterogeneous platforms. Integrating or enabling a communication between these heterogeneous systems is a must. We have enabled many industry leaders to integrate their diverse systems using open source middleware platforms and what follows is a list of technologies used.

  • SS7
  • IVR Payment Solutions
  • IN
  • Voice XML
  • SMPP
  • CIMD
  • SMS
  • USSD
  • RMI
  • JMX
  • Java Mail
  • ESB



Data Warehouse and business intelligence

Today, Data Warehousing and Business intelligence is about leveraging the power of information. hSenid has extended data warehousing and reporting to enable improved access and analysis on many telco data volumes providing them with unparalleled business intelligence like never before. Our experience in ETL and Business Intelligence Technologies has made us experts in supporting Telco and Finance Data warehouses.

  • Data warehousing
  • BIRT reporting platform



Mobile application domain expertise

hSenid has years of experience in developing and deploying mission critical and high performance telco grade applications for a wide range of spheres.

  • Mobile banking
  • Mobile stock trading
  • Promotion and loyalty systems
  • Integration with Telco Ins, SMSCs, MMSCs, USSDCs
  • CDR analysis (Decoding, Text, XML, Binary, TLV and ASN.1 coded records)

The above solutions are designed and developed for a variety of mobile handset environments such as J2ME, Symbian, Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile, WML, Streaming Audio and Video.



Expertise in designing high-availability and high-performance systems

  • Clustering
  • Fail over recovery




Businesses the world over use a multitude of technologies, and it is not an overstatement that Microsoft is the most popular technology. HRMEnterprise, the premier human resource management system used by businesses around the globe is one of hSenid’s principal solutions built on Microsoft platforms. The hSenid-Microsoft alliance focuses on providing solutions across the following areas:

  • VB.NET
  • AJAX
  • Atlas
  • Web services
  • HTML
  • XML