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US Ambassador speaks on the potential of the Sri Lankan IT industry at hSenid 10th Anniversary Celebrations

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Since 1997, hSenid Software International has dedicated itself to supplying high quality software products and services to its customer’s world wide. For nearly 10 years hSenid has never wavered from this extraordinary vision, supported by its core brand values of innovation, independence & inspiration.

On the 22nd of March 2007, hSenid proudly celebrated its 10th year anniversary at the Waters Edge. The night began with the presence of the U.S Ambassador Robert O. Blake JR who graced the event with his presence as the chief guest; As well as one of hSenid’s most important clients Raomal Perera from “Valista” helped make the night a memorable experience.

In his speech, the U.S Ambassador thanked the guests and Mr. Dinesh Saparamadu for allowing him to address everyone on such a memorable occasion. “It is an honor to speak to such a distinguished group of leaders representing an industry that is a driving force in this era of globalization.  Companies like hSenid and leaders like Dinesh Saparamadu are living success stories who prove that Sri Lanka can play a critical role in providing Information and Communication Technology or ICT services.”

He also went on to say that he believes the Sri Lankan market is catching up in the ICT industry and that Sri Lankans today recognize the opportunities available and are taking the right steps to develop a “digitally enabled economy”. He mentioned that the United States has succeeded because their government believes in encouraging innovation. They are doing so by encouraging investment in research and development by offering tax incentives and government grants.  Secondly, they nurture human capital by investing in both private and public education and thirdly, they protect innovators.


(U.S Ambassador Robert O. Blake JR speeking at the hSenid 10th anniversary celebrations at the Waters Edge)

“These are the principles that have made the United States the leader in the world’s information technology industry and individuals such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs household names around the world.”

Ambassador Robert O. Blake JR stated that Sri Lanka has an ”impressive technical literacy rate that results in high-caliber engineers who can not only adapt to new technological advances but who are creating their own innovations in-house”. As a result he pointed out that there is an immense amount of potential for the Sri Lankan market as competitive large scale organizations are more on the look out for high-quality, cost-effective products and services.


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