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Two Decades of Creative Innovation.

We offer an array of human resource platforms that enable companies to align their human resource processes with business strategies. We provide both on-premise and cloud-based Human Resource Information Systems that cater to a wide spectrum of human resource needs.

A cloud based HR solution that will engage and empower employees to build competitive organisations that are constantly achieving desired goals.
A comprehensive Human Resources Management and Information system that caters to a wider spectrum of HR functions to improve the HR business processes of organisations .
An Enterprise Social Network (ESN) that comes with next generation features which lets employees connect, collaborate and engage with their peers.
A HR process management entity that streamlines deliverables, expedites workflows and propels growth, enabling higher concentration to core business functions without distraction.
Tracking systems designed and developed to secure and manage assets of companies, whether it be employees, places or objects.

Made easy to configure.

We make sure that we meet the requirements of any business, be it a multi-national conglomerate or a budding start-up. It forms a solid foundation to your HR department and company as a whole.

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