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hSenid’s QA Outsourcing wing in India

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India December 1st , hSenid Software International, a leading Mobile and HR solution provider in the region started its specialized QA outsource wing in India last quarter 2007. To begin with hSenid focuses on providing fully fledged QA centers specializing for HR, Mobile/telco and e-business applications and would look into other domains in the near future. 

For well over a decade hSenid has been developing and deploying mission critical, high performance, telco grade applications and state of the art HR solutions to the global market. This extensive experience and exposure from product conceptualization to product release in Mobile, telco and HR domains has enabled hSenid to venture into new IT service sectors and provide unmatched value for their clients. QA Outsourcing is such a service that started initially as the internal QA unit has now grown into a full scale QA Outsourcing center equipped with latest technology and tools to carry out both automated and manual testing of applications.
hSenid QA centre is a combination of a well balanced set of well defined processes, talent pool and latest technology. A set of matured processes as are put in order and followed by the hSenid QA Engineers in order to carry out Test Planning, Test Designing, Test Execution and Test Evaluation. Functionality, Usability, Performance and Compatibility testing are the types of testing carried out at this QA centre. Other than these coding standard reviews, installation and documentation reviews are also carried out to make the cycle complete. As for the testing techniques, a wide array of techniques is practiced by the hSenid QA engineers to ensure that an application is bug free. White box, Black box, Adhoc and explotary are the common techniques used by the hSenid QA team.

With the hSenid’s holistic and diverse techniques, tools and well defined process coupled with its experienced talent force helps hSenid meet their client needs capably, comprehensively and cost-effectively.


About hSenid Business Solutions

hSenid Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary company of hSenid Software International (Pvt) Ltd specializing in Human Resource, Payroll, Time & Attendance solutions and Tea Systems. hSenid Business Solutions is globally recognized for it's state of the art HRIS solution HRM Enterprise. Founded in 1997 with the aim of supplying high quality software products and services to its customers world wide, is currently carrying out its operations from United States, Singapore, Malaysia, India and three R&D centers in Colombo, Sri Lanka. hSenid has made a significant impact on the IT industry both locally and globally with its unique and innovative range of products.
hSenid services a large customer base in Sri Lanka & overseas and have provided customized solutions to its clients, addressing their wide, varied & specific requirements. Due to the multiple interests of their clientele, the company has diversified to provide various products & services addressing different customer requirements, whereby – HBS – hSenid Business Solutions (Specialized unit for HR / Payroll / Time Attendance & Business Intelligence tools), BeyondM (specialized unit for mobile applications), Webitpro (Dedicated unit for Special Projects) andBPO – Business Process Outsourcing (handling all outsourcing projects). For more information, please visit: www.hSenid.com

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