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Sampath Bank automates HR through hSenid

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Colombo, 2nd April 2009. As one of the leading banking and financial service providers of Sri Lanka, Sampath Bank, turns to hSenid Business Solutions, a leading HRIS Solution provider in Sri Lanka to automate their HR activities.

Sampath Bank provides a number of banking and financial related services to all sections of the community – especially to the commercial sector than the consumer sector. This financial institution accepts various deposit products that include demand deposits, savings deposits, call deposits, fixed deposits, and certificates of deposits; and also offers housing loans, student loans, and personal loans. It is also involved in the purchase and sale of government securities; provision of leasing and factoring services; and provision of trade services, including documentary collection and documentary credits; rental of commercial property; and development of information and telecommunication software solutions; and maintenance of computer hardware and e-based products primarily for the financial industry.

Owing all their success to their people, Sampath Bank regard their employees as their most valued asset and have, thus signed up with hSenid Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd to automate their HR processes. HRMEnterprise, hSenid’s HRIS solution provides a complete solution to managing every organization’s employees. This HRIS system will maintain all records of Sampath Bank employees from their recruitment till their retirement. All information relating to employees like their personal information, their work details leave records and payroll information will be administered through hSenid’s HRIS system. Online leave management can also be facilitated through the system. Moreover, the system also comes with rich report generation tools that have been developed considering the different user groups that would be interacting with the solution.

The premier Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) provider in Sri Lanka, hSenid Business Solutions, has been providing the best, total software solutions for corporate domains worldwide. Operating in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, India and East Africa, with its main R&D centers in Sri Lanka, hSenid’s customer base currently exceeds 500 clients both, locally and globally. The company’s consistent performance and the increased global demand for quality software solutions allows hSenid Business Solutions stand apart from rest of the solution providers as the No.1 HRIS Solution provider in Sri Lanka.

(hSenid and Sampath bank signing in for the new business deal)


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