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hSenid Mobile Announces the Launch of Open Source App Store and Community VAS Platform



Singapore, 15th February 2010 – hSenid Mobile, a leading mobile solution provider, will be launching their latest revolutionary products, mChoice™ Soltura - enabling next generation VAS and mChoice™ Vishma - an open source app store, at this year’s Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. 
As Communications, entertainment, and information services converge, driven by the unprecedented power and flexibility of Democratizing content, Telco’s today need an open platform together with an exciting array of features in creating a sustainable revenue stream by increasing ARPU and reducing Churn.

mChoice™ Soltura enables the telco to introduce an immense number of applications to their customers without incurring any high operational and capital expenditure.

mChoice™ Vishma, the open source Telco application store complements mChoice™ Soltura. This provides the necessary platform to build an eco system in which application developers can publish and market their applications while users can perform reviews and ratings, trials and the visualization of available content to provide them with the finest purchasing experience.

hSenid continues its commitment to innovation after its successful launch of mChoice™ SDP, the next generation, open and scalable Service Delivery Platform at M1 in Singapore. As a carrier-grade SDP, mChoice™ SDP enables M1 to deploy new services faster, easier and more cost effectively. Moreover, the solution is both open and extendable using web-based standard application programming interfaces (APIs), and is designed to help service and content providers standardise all the service interfaces based on the SOA. This standardization enables the operator to provision, control and bill for all the value-added services they provide, whether the services are developed in-house or created by third-party application developers.

About hSenid Mobile :
hSenid Mobile provides a next generation Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and a unique suite of mobile solutions enabling the mobile world. Founded in 1997, the Company has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, India and Sri Lanka. Since its foundation, hSenid Mobile has developed unique skills by concentrating exclusively on the requirements of people on the move. Designed and developed over a 13 year period, hSenid Mobile’s solutions have been proven across Asia, Europe, North and South America with such key customers as: Mobile One (Singapore), DSTCom (Brunei), Dialog (Sri Lanka), Hutch (Sri Lanka), Mobitel (Sri Lanka), Suntel (Sri Lanka), Tigo (Sri Lanka), Airtel (Sri Lanka), Sampath Bank (Sri Lanka), Santander Bank (Spain), Seylan Bank (Sri Lanka), Telcel (Mexico) and TODO1 (Florida, USA).

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